Certification & Accreditation

In its continued commitment to increasing the professionalism of the remodeling industry, NARI offers two different credentialing options: Individual Professional Certification AND Company Accreditation.

These programs were designed to boost individual professional skills and company operational effectiveness, with the added benefit of assuring clients that the individuals and companies who hold these credentials adhere to the foremost industry standards and best practices.

Individual Certification


NARI offers a variety of individual professional certifications to help you advance your career and validate your professionalism.

With nearly 1400 certified professionals holding nearly 1700 designations, NARI is an industry leader in certification.

Becoming a certified remodeling professional will also serve to assure clients they are working with a vetted industry professional capable of delivering on their needs to industry standards.

Company Accreditation

NARI's Accredited Remodeling Company program is designed to assist remodeling business owners in building better, more efficient and more profitable businesses.

The first and only program of its kind, NARI Accreditation represents the next chapter in remodeling professionalism.

Getting your company accredited also offers a tremendous marketing benefit in assuring prospective clients they are working with a remodeling company compliant with THE industry standard for remodeling businesses.