The NARI Network

About the NARI Network

The NARI Network is an online community built exclusively for NARI members to make connections and share valuable insights.

All members will have access to the platform and the ability to join communities based on your interests! Other features of the platform include:
  • Open forum discussion board
  • Member directory
  • Blog post creation
  • File sharing
  • Email digests
The NARI Network is open to all members. Please use your login credentials to log in to the platform.

Download the Connected Community app to Access the NARI Network on Your Mobile Device

We are excited to announce that NARI members now have the option to access the NARI Network through Higher Logic's Connected Community app. Access your communities and other NARI Network features in a convenient, mobile-first experience.

You can also download the app using the instructions below.
  1. Search for “Higher Logic Connected Community” in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Connected Community app. (Please note that the Higher Logic Users Group and Higher Logic Super Forum apps are the incorrect apps. You need to download “Connected Community” to access the NARI Network).
  2. Open your app and enter into the Domain field and hit “Next.”
  3. You will be prompted to enter your login information. Use the same login information you use for the NARI Network to sign in.
  4. You’re all set! You should be redirected to your NARI Network feed after logging in.